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Kristina Kotenko

Associate Consultant

Kristina’s love for psychology started during high school and reading the works of Dostoevsky, the Russian author who intricately explored human psychology in his literary writings. After graduating from high school in Russia and moving to the United States, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hunter College of the City University of New York. During her studies, she was accepted into PsiChi – National Honor Society in Psychology. Kristina proceeded to complete her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  In her graduate program, she concentrated on the analysis of the criminal mind and completed her externship at the Homicide Squad of the New York City Police Department.  

Her knowledge of the human mind led her in a slightly different direction and into the human resources and medical field. Kristina has extensive experience in health care management and working with various levels of employees and leadership. Also, she has extensive experience in a college-level instruction of psychology. This work experience and her inquisitive mind steered her to investigate ways to make people and organizations more effective. That and her desire to pursue further education led her to enroll in a Ph.D. program in Business Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her expected graduation date is December of 2019.

A native of Russia, Kristina also knows and understands the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She is a great listener with extraordinary patience, an open mind, a positive attitude, and she gets things done with utmost dedication and hard work.

Kristina is our analytics and statistics specialist and responsible for contributing to research, assisting with product development, training, and consulting services at Power Dynamics, LLC.

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