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Debbie Gallagher

Managing Director

Debbie Gallagher is the Managing Director of Power Dynamics, LLC. Debbie is a young and talented business professional that brings a wealth of experience to Power Dynamics, LLC in the form of marketing with an emphasis on digital multimedia, operations management, compliance, and professional coaching. Debbie has a broad background in business operations to include customer service, training, compliance, marketing, and professional development. 
Debbie is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Power Dynamics, LLC. She leads the organizations branding and marketing, digital multimedia, client relations, and the scheduling of all consults and training events that Power Dynamics, LLC provides. Debbie also leads the organization’s Individual Development group. She is well versed in this field as she has experience writing and editing resumes for US Armed Service members that have separated from the military. A veteran of the United States Army, Debbie understands how critical the time of separation from the military is. She is passionate about helping service members succeed after separation.

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